Texas Goverment Agency

Lauren Demir


Re-branding and high level campaigns and PR relations was needed for this Agricultural agency in Texas in order to increase visitors, maintain funding as well as emulate the heallth benefits of farm land and agricultural for our schools, businesses and farmers.


Working closely with not an internal team but also an outsourced team from the Agency was quite interesting.As we had moe of a contemporary and modern outlook whereas they were more classic era thinking. We had to work both aspects of marketing to create a killer package. Incorporating past marketing success experience was our goal but also integrating current trends considering our target audience was from 18 to 65.We begin to discuss the best marketing practices and asked ourselves, why they were:

Questions we all had to look into were:

  • How wo reach the target audience in the current market?
  • How to get the community target audience in the same place to discuse the new practices
  • How to convert the viewers to members?


We focused on Influencer marketing, Hosting webinars and Chamber of Commerce events all over Texas., TV and Billboard marketing and printed materials in all the major Texas magazines along with digital ads, while building partners. We had 5 teams of specialists managing: Public Relations,Marketing, Advertising and Internal Team Support. We also dived into SEO Marketing and internet campaigns. Building partnerships with Agricultural organizations at major Texas colleges, community colleges and technical schools. getting them involved and hosting events with promos brought amazing results..

The following key milestones were arrived at within a 4 to 6 month time frame:
views of Billboard Ads
clicks from SEO
New partnerships
New Members & Attendees
Conversions from Influencers


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