Struggling Food Truck Gets Brick & Mortar

Brooke Holden


Al Halal, a middle eastern food truck desires to open up a store front location in less than 2 years. They serve a range of foods with affordable pricing and amazing customer service. Newly established, since 2022, they have gained a consistent customer base and would like to up there game.


Currently Al Halal only uses social media to post photos of their food once a week and inconsistently, they have few listings, they have no reputation management and reviews are being posted. The company has a great culture without marketing

With the help of Create Socials,Yext, Client Success and Client Marketing teams at Cultivating and Marketing the key challenges were questioned:

  • How does the brand stand out against competition?
  • Who is the target audience?
  • Where can we market to get the most attention from the target audience?


Cultivating & Marketing and its team went to work with joined partner hands to craft and active the A-List plan focusing on SEO, Social Media, TV, Billboard and Internet Ads.

Cultivating & Marketing converted these goals into milestones that can be gauged and measured through marketing and ad campaigns.

The following key milestones were arrived at within a 6 to 8 month time frame:
likes on Facebook
clicks on Google
views on TV Ads
actual visitors


Al Halal has decided to continue utilizing their internal Cultivating & Marketing team as their digital marketing agency while maintaining the A-List plan. The aim is to ensure longevity with their existing clients and prospects.

“Thanks to Cultivating & Marketing's A List plan,we opened up our first storefront in less than 1 year, we tell everyone about them as they are amazing.”


Owner, Al Halal

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