Sole Proprietor Therapist

Jamie Pollack


Single owner the rapist specializing in children & teen therapy with emphasis on behavioral establishes a small 210sf office ina co working environment with 10 clients in the Austin metroplex area in Texas.Marketing techniques such as direct mail marketing, social media posts and offering free consultations only produced minimal results.


As a single owner business, we had to dive into the educational background, emphasis on services, certifications to build up the owner as a reputable therapist in the local area. Thereefore, we sat down with Kay, Chartered Business Advisor with our Dedicated Team to get a detailed market research report in order to dive into the areas or avenues available.We begin to discuss the best marketing practices and asked ourselves, why they were:

Questions we all had to look into were:

  • How we reach the target audience in the current market?
  • How to attract a prospect -typically a parent to build trust and convert to a client?
  • How to convert the viewers to clients?


We focused on Affiliate marketing while building partners. We also dived into SEO Marketing and internet campaigns. Building partnerships with Independent School Districts, the juvenile facilities and pediatricians were our first target. When a search for "kids therapists" or similar was typed we wanted that traffic to come directly to the therapists. Additionally, our Dedicated Team partnered with Create Socials, CAM Seo, Partnero, our dev team and revamped the website and ensured all SEO tracking was linked to all public business profiles including social media.

The following key milestones were arrived at within a 3 to 4 month time frame:
likes on Instagram
clicks from SEO
New partnerships
Clicks from Affiliate marketing
New Clients


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