Marketing Firm's A-List Plan Works For Insurance Company

Cam Anderson


Regionally acknowledged in 1999 - 2006 Insurance company, Cooper Inc. specializes in selling commercial insurance products.Since 1984, the company was birthed and has kept the lights on thus far.


The insurance company's ability to retain its current client base has become uncertain due to stiff competition that has kept up with trends in social media, listing and reputation management,and building easy-to-use sign-up platforms through lead generation techniques.

With the help of Marketing,Cooper was able to realize the following key challenges:

  • How does the brand standout against competition
  • What methods were used prior that birthed results inthis 39 year span?
  • Where can we market to get the most attention from the target audience


Cultivating & Marketing and its team went to work with joined partner hands to craft a activate the A-List plan focusing on SEO, Influencer, TV and Internet Ads Cooper laid down their goals to sustain and expand nationally in a 5 year span and Cultivating & Marketing converted these goals into milestones that can be gauged and measured through marketing and ad campaigns.

The following key milestones were arrived at within a 6 to 8 month time frame:
likes on Facebook
clicks on Google
views on TV Ads
clicks on the “Sign Up Today?” button


Furthermore, the team at Cultivating & Marketing also made sure that all algorithm updates by platforms where running campaigns were accounted for in their exceptional plan.Android and iOS updates were also tracked to ensure Cooper remained on track to achieve the defined milestones.

Cooper continues to allow Cultivating & Marketing team to act as there digital marketing agency internally and maintains the A-List plan, in order to ensure longevity with existing clientale and prospects.

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