High End Boutique Opens 5th Storefront

Brooke Holden


A Listers Closet is a high end boutique reselling exclusive established brands such as Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Hermès and more. They began selling on Postmark and wanted to open up there first storefront within a year of establishment in 2018. However, the reliance on the power of social media marketing and brand advertising was needed before achieving this level of success.


Considering A Listers Closet was a newly established boutique, building a trust in the market as well as building online presence was significant to gain a wider audience. Attempting to become a certified reseller from the actual brands was our suggestion. However, creating a combination of marketing campaigns and digital ads were also vital to ensure the target audience would gain exposure and knowledge and trust over the brand.

With the help of Cultivating & Marketing,A Listers Closet was able to realize the following key challenges.

  • How to market to the most relevant audience
  • How to ensure the target audience is consistently engaged
  • How to ensure the target audience revisits the company’s social media pages
  • How to convert consumer engagement into sales


Cultivating & Marketing and A Listers Closet joined hands using the Exceptional Plan which included a wide range of marketing and ad campaigns. A Listers Closet provided their business expansion goals, and Cultivating & Marketing converted these goals into milestones that can be gauged and measured through social media tools.

The following key milestones were arrived at within a 2-4 month time frame:
likes on Facebook
impressions on Twitter
likes on Instagram
clicks on the “How to buy online?” button


Cultivating & Marketing also helped chart out a digital media plan that emphasized the type of social media channel to be used, the nature of the content, the frequency of posting content, and the timing of posting.

Through segmentation of the audience, engagement monitoring, and budget tracking, A Listers Closet could modify strategy in real-time. With such a targeted approach, the marketing solution was cost-effective and has helped build a loyal customer base through social media marketing.

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