Cutz & Stylez Hair Studio

Khadija Abdalkareem


Husband and wife worked from rented chairs in a grand mall after accumulating 25 clients combined in less than a month.Desiring to step out on their passion and turn the side hustle into a full time job they decided to open up an actual salon catering kids, women and men.


Committing full time and using savings to jump start this business was frightening for them. We discussed current placement and created a marketing plan within budget aggressively with a mixture of innovative services, marketing campaigns and door to door services

With the help of Create Socials,Yext, Client Success and Client Marketing teams at Cultivating and Marketing the key challenges were questioned:

  • How does the brand stand out against competition
  • Who is the target audience?
  • Where can we market to get the most attention from the target audience


Cultivating & Marketing and its team went to work with joined partner hands to craft a activate the Essentials plan focusing on SEO, Influencer, Social Media Ads, Internet Adsand Direct Mail Marketing.Cultivating & Marketing converted these goals into milestones that can be gauged and measured through marketing and ad campaigns.

The following key milestones were arrived at within a 4 to 6 month time frame:
likes on Tik Tok
Clicks from Influencer Marketing
views on TV Ads
actual visitors to Shop


Cutz & Stylz have decided to continue utilizing their internal Cultivating & Marketing team as their digital marketing agency while maintaining the A-List plan.The aim is to ensure longevity with their existing clients and prospects.

“We got freaking clients fast it was insane. I was freaking out initially but all is well and Cam, Jamie and Brooke are our forever marketing team!.”


CEOs, of Cutz & Stylez

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