A Construction Firm Gain Online Reputation

Nalia Ahmad


123 Builders Co.™ is a construction firm specializing in prefabricated building, commercial, governmental new construction and park recreation and renovations. 123 Builders Co. had no previous social media reputation nor online reputation whatsoever when we met the company.


123 Builders Co. had absolutely no online reputation but had previous projects completed successfully which was a huge benefit for them to expedite there credibility.

With the help of our Client Marketing Specialists we discovered the following key challenges:

  • How to build out online reputation quickly?
  • Strategize on how to reach out to older clients for reviews in order to display reputation
  • Determine what 123 Builders Co audience is exactly to understand where ads/marketing platforms need to be seen?
  • What is the ultimate goal 123 Builders Co. desires to accomplish with us considering they bid there projects?


Client Marketing Team began to expeditiously work on social media pages creation along with rebuilding the website to showcase actual projects indeed completed with satisfaction. Client Success Team worked with Yext, CreateSocials and Statistics to show market research, correct listing management and social media marketing regarding actual work that had been completed over a 3 year span.

The following key milestones were arrived at within a 2 to 4 week time frame:
likes on Facebook
Likes on Instagram
likes on lead LinkedIn
Clicks on the “Costs of Construction lead generation” on website


Client Success & Marketing Teams worked closely with our partners CreateSocial and Yext. to increase creditability and ensure accuracy of all data being uploaded to the web to ensure 123 Builders Co. of local and national reputation.

Engagement, audience, and monitoring of Client Marketing Team has maintained the presence of 123 Builders Co. causing transparency and clarity regarding services ultimately driving more viewers to the lead generation abilities built by Client Marketing Team at Cultivating & Marketing Professionals™

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