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Brooke Holden


One Law Firm s is a leading local law firm in New York, NY specializing in business litigation, equity financing & securities, employment law, mergers & acquisition, health and medical law and startup legal services. In regards to marketing they chose to purchase leads on generating websites. However, it become quite stressful because the leads were not for hearty cases more small service requests.


One Law Firm has been in business for over 3 decades and have grown comfortable with their marketing methods but yet frustrated. Resistant to change but desiring more business was where they were when we were introduced. They had no social media presence other than being found on Google. Therefore, the first steps were creating an online presence while researching the market focused on their target audience.

  • Who needs there services?
  • Where does there target audience currently rely on for assurance of these services they offer?
  • How to drive there audience to the social media pages?
  • How to convert prospect engagement into sale?


Cultivating & Marketing Client Marketing Team began building out social media pages on LinkedIn, Facebook and integrating web hooks on there website and engagement buttons on all platforms while our Client Success Team worked closely with Yext Listing as well asw ith Legal Times to cultivate the online presence in not just your typical listings but also in every legal listing in the New York area as well as 300 mile radius from there location.The following key milestones were arrived at within a 6 to 8 week time frame:

The following key milestones were arrived at within a 6 to 8 week time frame:
likes on Facebook
website visits
likes on LinkedIn
clicks on the “Book a Consult?” button


Client Success Team watched closely activity daily using Create Social AI advances advising our team if certain media was not driving audience in which helped. drastically in improvising while views and clicks were increasing.Tracking of all data was available in our portal for the client to see and we were able to add in different campaigns using our Exceptional plan chosen by the client.

Through segmentation of the audience, engagement monitoring,and budget tracking, our team could modify strategy in real-time. With such a targeted approach, the marketing solution was cost effective and has helped build a loyal customer base through lead generating content and social media marketing and ads.

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